Postprocessing TELEMAC-2D results with Python

A typical postprocessing task is the visualization of time dependent water levels e.g. along the river axis.
Such visualizations are not beautiful only but they help to analyze the results or to check the simulation settings.

This post is intented to be a short tutorial how to interpolate the time dependent water levels along a polyline from a Telemac-2D result file and to produce a nice video. We will not go into details about the basics of Python, Matplotlib and Numpy scripting but on how to produce the video inside the Python framework. Such scripts are very cool since, once the setup has been done, it can be quickly used for other cases, too.

For example the following animation shows the evolution of the time dependent water level and erodible bottom in a longitudinal section of a simulated dam failure with Telemac-2D and Sisyphe (for better video quality watch in full screen mode!)

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